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An informative genre analysis on the writing genres used in the marketing workplace.

Professional ProfileEdit

VP of Digital Marketing for 85SIXTY, Roman Bills. He has been in the marketing industry for over 9 years, with an emphasis in digital media. With 85SIXTY, he has worked for Aasics, Freestyle Watches, and Simple Mobile.

Laura Bowden who is presently the Liaison for the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University. Prior to her career in Education, she worked in the business world for 17 years. The last 7 of those years, she worked in a lead Human Resource capacity where she recruited, interviewed, developed and hired top talent for mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. 

Documents Collected/Analysis Edit

Email Thread Edit

Setting: The artifact that we are going to analyze is an email thread between Roman Bills and one of his clients on March 17 at around 10 in the evening. The time that this email was written shows me that the there is no issue taking work home in the digital marketing industry. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of the work Roman does is done from his home office so he does not differentiate his place of residence from his place of work. It also shows that there is a constant need to keep other teams informed and up to date as much as possible. The email thread has a couple different powerpoint proposals included which evaluate the services that are offered by Roman’s company, 85SIXTY.

Subject: The issues within the email thread discuss trying to finalize the analytical reports that show the effectiveness of the digital campaign strategy.  This is needed by the client and the email thread also discusses when a convenient time for all parties involved would be to meet up over a conference call to discuss the results of those reports


Roman Bills from 85SIXTY – digital marketing media director

Gary Krivin from ItsyBitsy Media – client at independent agency

This communication is in between Roman and Gary and they are both responsible for being senders and receivers of information in this dialogue.  In the business setting of this conversation, both individuals must be direct and clear in what they want in order to achieve their goals without wasting any time or effort. The circumstances that this dialogue was written was just a little urgent. Gary seemed like he needed the results of the new proposal as soon as possible.  The reason for the delay was Roman was finalizing the analysis of some data his team presented to him before the results could be presented. These two are the main individuals included in this conversation but there are several people that were included in the cc line of the email so they could be included. Most of the people that were cc’d were other members of the Itsy Bitsy team. The additional audience is included in order to keep them informed about new developments in the dialogue between Roman and Gary.

Purpose: This entire dialogue was designed to present how effective hiring on 85SIXTY was on bolstering sales with a power point presentation to an independently contracted agency. The information was presented to showcase what 85SIXTY can offer in the field of digital marketing.

Presentations Edit

Another  artifact we analyzed is the Digital Performance Review, found in the email, of a company 85SIXTY was hired by to market their sport watches. This is a genre of an information presentation and is intended to show the client the progress they have made and the outlay of the plan to improve company performance.

This presentation is designed to inform the client of the progress the marketing firm has made and what they are doing with the money given to them. Both sides of the presentation, 85SIXTY and Freestyle, are interacting over how Google searches can be utilized to reach maximum sales.

This presentation genre is most likely put together by multiple people. First the data and financial information must be collected then organized in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Another person might put the different parts of the presentation together to make sure it is cohesive and flows so that when they, or a presenter, have to present it, there are no inconsistencies that arise.

We analyzed another version of the report above made by  85 SIXTY.  This is PowerPoint Presentation to inform their clients of the progress and adjustments made to the campaign to achieve their goal.  The report includes charts showing the details on how their money is being spent.  

A presentation of this kind was probably made by more than one person.  Their statistics show the visits to the website and revenue from past years and the present year, one person might have collected this data ; the financial data was probably collected by someone with knowledge in this field and lastly there might be another person in charge of putting all the information together into the presentation to make it look professional and understandable to their clients.

Genre Analysis Edit

-What content is typically included?

The content generally included in the artifacts is facts that involve when the proposal is due and what should be included in it. This can be seen in the emails where both parties are very specific about times to meet up and reconvene on the subject when new developments are made. It is very content driven and the data in each the email and proposals seems to be the focal point. The evidence includes sales, expenses, and expected result of the media campaign. An example of this includes the charts on slides 4-6 in the Digital Performance Review PowerPoint.

-What rhetorical appeal is used?

The rhetorical appeal used is logos in that both sides of the writing approach the problem at hand with logic and thinking through the necessary steps to achieve the marketing goal. Many facts and details are offered throughout the emails and proposals to try and clearly communicate the intended direction of the next digital marketing step. For instance, a layout of the steps to be taken in the strategy is found in both the emails and presentations.

-How are the texts in the genres structured? What are their parts, and how are they organized?

Each individual email is structured with a greeting and body. The greeting identifies the audience and the body establishes the message that needs to be received. Each message included in the email thread is very concise and to the point. There is no small talk or banter, and each email addresses concerns or questions asked in the last message.  Some of the concerns need to go into much more depth than an email can offer so there are messages that have attachments that contain proposals and overviews of services rendered. Each of the power points presentations are structured in the same manner. They are formatted in a way that makes the data easy to digest and follow. Each proposal starts with an overview of an outline of how the information will be presented. This is followed by highlights, which present a timeline of which actions have been taken to implement strategy and when they occurred. The rest of each power point is data being structured in a layout that is easy to process without the abundance of data being too overwhelming.  Most of the thread includes answers to questions asked about when information will be available to present as well as how prior information has been utilized to boost sales. These messages all serve the purpose of evaluating the success of Roman’s digital marketing plan.

-In what format are texts of this genre presented? What layout or appearance is common? How long is a typical text in this genre?

The general format for the email thread is standard email format and includes the salutation followed by the message followed by the closing. The format of the power point presentations are much more elaborate. Since the power point presentations contain a lot of numbers and data, that info is presented in a manner so the audience is able to process that information without getting overwhelmed. They both follow the same format of outline, highlights, and then data. The outline organizes how the information will be presented so the audience is ready to process each bit of information to affirm the progress of Romans digital campaign.  The appearance is creative and friendly and at he same time well organized so it doesn’t confuse the audience. It also draws the audience in with bright soft colors so it isn’t abrasive. The power presentations are 10-12 pages each while the emails are only a couple sentences each.

-What types of sentences and language do the texts typically use?

The type of sentences used on the PowerPoint we analyzed were short, simple, precise and were written on active voice.  Every email share the same writing style and are also written on active voice.   The emails are very specific and go straight to the point.  Writers communicate with each other in a professional way but at the same time the conversation is very casual.

The type of language used on the Power Points was professional which included marketing terms and common terms as well.  “Dynamic search re marketing” is an example of some of the terms used on the presentation.  The emails were written in a more standard speech type.  Judging by the type of words chosen by the writers, it gives the impression that even though they are careful with grammar and spelling, it is a relaxed and informal conversation.

-What the Patterns Reveal?

The rhetorical patterns reveal that even though when one first thinks of digital marketing, they assume really creative, fun, and always on Facebook, when instead, as seen here, it involves a lot of detail orientated, time specific tasks and data collection. The data collected has to be clear and informative so that the client can easily understand what is going on. The rhetorical patterns are significant because as a new face entering the workforce, if you are able to connect on what is necessary and what your clients and coworkers are looking for, your job becomes a lot more simple. Therefore, with this in mind, a good takeaway is being precise in your language and direct in what you want to get across.

-What do the participants need to know about the genre?

Writers need to know the format of the artifact they will be using in order to clarify their idea and achieve their goal.  For example, they need to know what type of charts or graphics would work better for the type or project they are working on. Also, it is important for them to understand the patterns of the genre to be able to organize their ideas in a proper way to make their topic comprehensible.

-Who is invited to participate in the genre and what roles do they play?

In most of the emails, the whole team is included but in a few others only Roman and Gary interact to see the progress and to make the necessary adjustments to the project.

The PowerPoint on the other hand is more directed towards the client, it is expository writing.

The emails encourage the other team members to participate and to be informed of the development of the project.  The PowerPoint keeps the client informed of the progress and changes made to the project but it does not encourage the client to be part of the editing of the project.

-What values, beliefs, goals, and assumptions are revealed through the genre’s patterns?

I believe that each communication has the goal of being direct and to the point, but at the same time aesthetically pleasing and presentable. The senders wanted to create an environment in which the receiver would be able to absorb the data at their own pace without being repelled by sloppy or sub par work. This is evident in the changes made between the first draft and the final draft of the PowerPoint presentation.

-How is the subject of the genre treated? What content is considered most important? What content (topics or details) is ignored?

The messages exchanged between parties are clear. There is a need to ratify the current state of the original PowerPoint presentation. The original was just a little sloppy and there were some minor errors that could not be presented to a client without being fixed. The content of the email that is most important was the finalized PowerPoint presentation.  The most important part of the presentation is the slide that shows the progress of the digital marketing strategy. I don’t think any critical information was left out because the emails and the power point presentation cover all the concerns and inquiries that the client had.

-What actions do the genre help make possible? What actions does the genre make difficult?

The power point presentation made the information very easy to interpret and analyze which completes the objective of showcasing the success/failure of the campaign strategy. The genre succeeded in doing its job by presenting the technical data in a form that would reinforce the motives for hiring this digital media agency. The genre would have been insufficient if there were a different type of communication that needed to be displayed such as real time data, or a filmed event. A PowerPoint presentation would not have been as effective in communicating a message if these types of genres needed to be presented.

Takeaways Edit

5 things to learn about writing in the marketing workplace Edit

-Written and verbal communication skills are imperative to being successful in the marketing industry. It is important because your sole job as a marketer is to sway the opinions of clients, associates, partners, and the general public to be in sync with the opinions of whoever might be paying for the promotional campaign.

-There is a constant need to utilize multiple mediums of communications, so one must be well versed in how and when to use texts, emails, PowerPoint, and presentations to convey their message correctly.

-Students are not aware of the importance of writing in the workplace.  Most schools do not offer the necessary courses to help students develop better writing skills, this is why students should prepare themselves on their own; writing workshops may help.

-The amount of writing in the field can be overwhelming and it may affect the marketer's reputation if his/her writing skills are not as good as expected.

-Excellent writing skills take experience, although we may think we are ready for whatever is thrown our way in the workplace after graduating college, there is still a lot to learn and it takes patience and willingness to fail and try again.

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